Tip Tuesday!! HELP! My child does not listen!! (post 2/4)

Posted on April 14th, 2015

It's time for TIP TUESDAY!!! The topic covered this month is: Help! My child does not listen!!

Tips to Get Your Child to Listen (Part 2/4)

Welcome back, friends! Our tip today is a SUPER important one: Make sure your expectations make sense for your child!

Is what you are asking your child to do something they can easily do by themselves? Do they have all the skills necessary to complete the tasks, or do they only have some? If they don't have the necessary skills, make time to practice them. For example, if a child struggles to get dressed by himself, break it down and let him practice each piece. This way, you can see exactly which part is a struggle for your child. Maybe the zipper is really difficult on these pants and adding a small paperclip or key ring to it would make zipping easier and allow the dressing routine to be completed independently and with NO MELTDOWNS!! \

Make sure you make these activities fun by providing lots of praise and treats when they do a good job!

Visit us next Tuesday for part 3 of Help! My child does not listen!

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