Tip Tuesday! Our mornings are a MESS!! (post 2/4)

Posted on May 12th, 2015

Part 2 of this month's Tip Tuesday topic on Our Mornings are a MESS!

Tips for a Smooth Morning Routine (part 2/4)

Keep it Relaxed: When the routine gets rushed, it gets stressful for parents and for kids, which can lead to emotional responding on both sides. By keeping the routine calm, kids can focus on getting through the tasks at hand. Make sure they know exactly what they are expected to do. Giving task lists that break down longer tasks are super helpful! For example, "Get ready for school" is less specific than, "Brush your hair and teeth, put on your shoes, and get your backpack." It may seem effortful at first, but once this routine has been practiced with success it should come incredibly easily to you and your child!

When There's Not Enough Time: If you are consistently running short on time, you can either wake kids up earlier or help them to do tasks faster. Look at which tasks are taking longer than necessary and why. Once you know which tasks are the problem you can work on that specific one.

See you next week for our third installment of Our Mornings are a MESS!

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