Tip Tuesday! Our mornings are a MESS! (post 3/4)

Posted on May 19th, 2015

It's Tip Tuesday, ya'll! Thanks for checking back in with us for our third installment of: Our Mornings are a MESS!

Tips for Smooth Morning Routines (Part 3/4)

Kids don’t want to do ____: Whether it’s brushing teeth, or getting dressed, there are some tasks that kids just don’t like to do. If this is the case, move this task as early in the routine as possible. This allows you to get it done before they get tired of completing tasks. This also allows you to use other parts of the routine as an incentive to complete the task they dislike. Example: Get dressed, and then you’ll get to eat your waffle.

Kids can’t do ____ alone: If there’s a part of the routine that your child cannot do that you would like them to do alone, the best time to practice is when it is not part of the morning routine. Break down the task into little pieces (button pants, instead of get dressed) and let your kid practice that part. Be very enthusiastic every time they try, and even more so when they succeed. By practicing outside of the routine they get more chances to learn and you take some of the stress out of needing to do it quickly.

Let us know if there are any challenges your family faces that you would like for us to cover! Have a GREAT Tuesday!

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