Tip Tuesday! Our night are a NIGHTMARE!! (post 3/4)

Posted on June 16th, 2015

We know you have been anxiously awaiting our next installment about: Our Nights are a NIGHTMARE!!! Well, the wait is over!

Tips for Making the Bedtime Routine Easier (Part 3/4):

•Say goodnight, and then leave: Kids don’t like to put themselves to sleep, but falling asleep independently is an important skill that kids can only learn though practice. Let your child know that once you tuck them in, you are going to be doing something else and that you will come back to get them up in the morning. Once you finish the bedtime routine and say goodnight, shut the door, and do not go back. Your child may become very upset, especially if they are used to yelling and calling you back to their room. This is to be expected and will begin to stop as they learn that this no longer works. Don't give up- consistency here is the key! Tools like video monitoring can help to make sure your child is safe without providing any sort of attention that may reinforce the out of bed/attention seeking behaviors.

Our last bedtime tip will be next Tuesday! Is there anything you would like us to write about? Let us know!

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