Tip Tuesday!!! Say NO to the Exersaucer!

Posted on August 18th, 2015

Today’s Tip Tuesday addresses the problems with a toy found in most homes with a small child: the Exersaucer. These tips were brought to you by Lisa Barich, PT, C/NDT.


The Top 10 Reasons NOT to Use the “Exersaucer”

  1. It is not a good substitute for individual attention.
  2. Small kids need supervised “tummy time” to develop back, neck, abdominal and buttocks muscles.
  3. Children learn more when their environment is not limited.
  4. Infant “equipment” should be used rarely.
  5. It sets up incorrect postural alignment.
  6. The crotch is not a weight bearing surface.
  7. Babies at risk may stiffen their legs and go up on the tip toes in an abnormal pattern of movement.
  8. A relatively clean floor is a better place to play.
  9. Cognitive development is contingent upon mobility.
  10.  The baby does not get a variety of tactile experiences to the extremities and face.


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