Our very first TIP TUESDAY!!! “HELP! My child does not listen!!” (post 1/4)

Posted on April 7th, 2015

It's our very first TIP TUESDAY!!! The topic covered this month is: Help! My child does not listen!!

Tips to Get Your Child to Listen (Part 1/4)

First, make sure your child is attending: This means that they need to pause their video game, put down the book or toys, and look at you. Attending to you will increase the likelihood of compliance with the instruction.

Next, set clear expectations: Let your child know specifically what you want them to do. For example, “Put all of the legos into the red basket and all of the food toys into the yellow basket,” instead of “Clean up your room.” It is also helpful to give "start" directions instead of "stop" directions. When you give a stop direction like, "don't do that," "stop making a mess," or "quit bothering your sister," you are not telling your child what they should do instead. Start directions could be, "hands in your lap," "keep the blocks on the table," or "it's time to play in your own room." These directions also stop the undesired behavior while giving your child clear expectations of the behaviors you want to see!

Visit us next Tuesday for part 2 of Help! My child does not listen!

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