Tip Tuesday: Panicking About My Picky Eater! (1/1)

Posted on October 6th, 2015

This month’s topic is Picky Eaters and comes to you by one of our BCBAs, Colleen Coley!  Lots of kids don’t like to try new things or won’t eat even the “normal” foods that their parents want to serve for dinners, and it can be stressful for parents to make sure they get the nutrition they need.  Each week, we will be talking about tips and tricks to get your child to try new foods and eat the ones you wish they would.


When choosing a new food for your picky eater, pick one that is similar to one they already like.  For example, if you want your child to eat sweet potatoes, and they like French fries, start by introducing homemade French fries, then homemade sweet potato fries, before moving to other preparations of sweet potatoes.  Once your child is used to sweet potatoes, you may be able to use them to introduce other similar vegetables.  When you keep one component of the food the same as a food they already like (the shape, the type of food), children are more willing to try it.



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