Tip Tuesday: My Child is Careless in the Community! (1/4)

Posted on November 3rd, 2015

Here at ABS, one of our top parent-reported concerns is safety in the community. We hear all too often about children darting away from their parents in stores or parking lots. A lot of parents say their child thinks it’s a funny a game when they run away when in actuality it can be extremely dangerous. Our Tip Tuesdays this month will focus on ways to improve safety in the community.


You know what they say: Practice Makes Perfect

And it’s not different when it comes to your child’s behavior! When a parent comes to us with a problem like safety in the community, we always explain that it needs to be practiced at home or in a safe environment before you try it out in the community. We use the same hierarchy in ABA: first we practice a skill in a 1-1 setting, then we try it out in a more natural setting, and finally, we try it out with other people in the child’s life.

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