Tip Tuesday! My Child is Careless in the Community (2/4)

Posted on November 10th, 2015

Welcome back! Today's tip involves teaching different rules and communicating them ahead of time. This will help set your child up for success when in the community.


Make sure you establish ground rules before you go on a community outing such as “If you go too far away from me we will have to leave the store and you cannot pick out a new toy.” A great way to teach your child about maintaining safe proximity is to teach the “eyes on you, eyes on me” game. This game is meant to teach your child that if they cannot see you or you cannot see them, they are too far away and need to come closer. Make sure that you provide a lot of attention when they are in a safe proximity to you- this is one thing they cannot get if they are too far away! The biggest piece of advice we always give to parents is to be prepared to leave if your child is not engaging in safe behaviors- this will show your child that safety is more important than anything else.

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