Tip Tuesday!! HELP! My child does not listen!! (post 3/4)

Posted on April 21st, 2015

WOOHOO! It's TIP TUESDAY!!! The topic covered this month is: Help! My child does not listen!!

Tips to Get Your Child to Listen (Part 3/4)

Our two tips today are geared toward what YOU need to do as a parent or caregiver.

Set clear consequences: Let your child know what will happen if they do follow your direction, and what will happen if they do not. Example: “If all the toys are put away in the next 30 minutes, we will go to the park, but if any are still out, we won’t be able to go.” or “If you choose not to put the toys into the basket by dinner time, you choose not to eat dessert tonight.” You can also set this up as a first/then statement like, "First put the toys in the basket, then we'll go to the park."

Follow through with consequences: If a direction is followed, make sure that your child gets the reward that you promised. If a direction is not followed or is only partially followed, make sure to follow through with this consequence too. Example: If you tell your child to clean up her room before dinner or there will be no dessert, and she cleans it up after dinner, there is still no dessert. If you told your child you would take him to the park if he cleaned up his room quickly, it is important to do your best to take him to the park that day even if something else comes up.

Visit us next Tuesday for part 4 of Help! My child does not listen!

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