Tip Tuesday! Important Gross Motor Milestones in the First Years of Life

Posted on August 4th, 2015

You spoke- We listened! Thank you to the parents that have reached out to us with questions! This month’s Tip Tuesdays are big- so big, that we reached out to our good friend Lisa Barich PT, C/NDT.


Most parents are curious as to how their child develops and the dos and don’ts of the first years of life. Today we’re going to address some very common questions asked by parents in: Important Gross Motor Milestones in the First Years of Life


3 months- Lifts head to the horizon from the stomach and props on elbows

4 months- Rolls from back to side and stomach to side, can rotate head to either side in sitting

5 months- Grabs feet when lying on back, pushes to straight arms on stomach, rolls stomach to back

6 months- Rolls from back to stomach, takes full weight on legs, sits upright with supervision

7 months- Rocks on hands and knees, commando crawls forward on belly, plays on side, sits alone

8 months- Creeps on all 4s, may move into and out of sit from all 4s, may pull to stand

9 months- Pulls to stand and may move along furniture, may not be able to get down from standing, has many movements into and out of sitting

10 months- Lowers self from standing at a surface, walks with 2 hands held and around furniture

11 months- Frees hands from a surface to stand alone briefly, cruises and reaches for furniture just out of reach, reaches to pick up objects from the floor and returns to stand, walks with one hand held

12 months- May attempt a few steps unassisted, rises from the floor without upper body assist


Remember: every child develops at their own pace. If you are concerned about your child’s motor skills development, please reach out to Lisa at:

Lisa Barich PT, C/NDT




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