Tip Tuesday: Panicking About My Picky Eater! (3/4)

Posted on October 20th, 2015

This is a big one, folks!



Introduce new foods when kids are hungry.  When introducing a new food, we want to do it when a child is hungry so that they are more likely to eat.  A great way to do this is at the start of dinner.  Give the child (or everyone who will be eating dinner) a bite of the new food or the food that they don’t like, and let them know that we’re starting with this food (Bonus if you can make it fun, as in, “We’re having appetizers tonight, just like at a restaurant!”), and once everyone has eaten it, you’ll be serving dinner.  This works best if dinner is something the child really does like.  It’s important that once you set it up this way, you follow through and wait for the child to eat the bite before serving them dinner.  Once they learn the routine, you’ll be able to introduce many new foods in this way.

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