Tip Tuesday: Panicking About My Picky Eater! (Post 4/4)

Posted on October 27th, 2015

The “No thank you” bite.  Nobody likes to be forced to eat lots of a food that they don’t like, but there are some foods that are healthy and that we have to eat anyway.  One way to give your child back some control is to allow them to choose to eat either a full serving, or a “No thank you” bite.  A “No thank you” bite is one bite of a non-preferred food.  This works best when there lots of different foods (For example, at dinner if there is a meat, potatoes, vegetables, and bread) so that the child is still getting plenty to eat.  This also works best when everyone at the table (even parents!) try all of the foods.  Providing choice and enforcing the rule equally across the table makes dinner time more fair and makes kids more willing to participate.

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